This Is My Brain On Drugs

by Treeman

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I took my drugs, I'm ready to go
I don't rap fast cause my brain's too slow
But these pills pile up and I'm paying the price
Preposterously praying and prank calling all night
Taking too much speed? Guess I'll just switch to weed
I'm a druggie MC cause when I'm clean I'm just mean
I'll go to a rave instead of a bar
Cause I like eating candy in the shape of a star
I'm not doing most of this shit just for the hell of it
So tell a bitch I'm selling it my ego is an elephant
I'm celibate, that's just a joke, it's not a choice
But I'm still preaching a message for all the good girls and boys
My raps are hardly ever more than a minute long
And I take breaks to inhale more than Cheech and Chong
I can break down like I'm Mr. Roboto
And I learned how to drive from grand theft auto
Taking my pills, taking my medicine
Taking a break to refill my head again
Taking a hit, taking a shot
For someone who doesn't sodomize I sure take a lot
Taking donations cause I'm tax deductible
I may be dumb, but I'm still so lovable
Cuter than spongebob, greedier than krabs
Evil like plankton, stupid like pat
Take criticism for referencing kid's shows
I may watch Nick yet I'm vicious as a pitbull
You must be this high to ride this ride
So you know I'm gonna be riding all night
And legend has it that I'm so white
I'm known to glow in the dark at night
I'm so ridiculous I get rid of Boggarts
That's right, bitches, I read Harry Potter
So I'm here to revive this dead rap game
And steal the spotlight from Drake and Lil Wayne
So let's cut back to the PSA
And learn what drugs did to my brain


released August 3, 2011
Written by: TREEMAN
Produced by: TREEMAN
Rapped by: TREEMAN
Sample from: that stupid fucking "this is your brain on drugs" PSA



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Treeman Newington, Connecticut

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